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Update September 2018: Belgium has appointed VFS Global to operate its Belgium Visa Application Center in Beirut.

You are kindly requested to follow the 3 steps hereunder if you want to apply for a visa for Belgium or Luxemburg:

1. Go to http://visaonweb.diplomatie.be/en   

  • Create a new electronic visa application form and complete it correctly. The mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk (*), they all have to be filled in correctly before you can « submit your application ».
  • Once the application has been submitted electronically, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the application form in PDF format in attachment. You must print and sign this form and join it to the documents in support of your application.
  • If you have difficulties to fill in the electronic visa application form at once, you can « save » the application and complete it later by selecting it in the list of your applications.
  • For family members or a group, an application form must be submitted for each person.

2. The second step is to make an appointment with the authorized center for the deposit of visa applications that you have chosen in the application form. For this step, please contact VFS call center by calling +961 1 743 643.

3. The third step is to lodge personally the visa application at the VFS Visa Application Center. The Center is situated in Hamra (Gefinor Building, Block A, 1st floor).

  • The day you lodge your application, you will submit the necessary documents in support of your visa application: your passport or other recognized travel document, the printed and signed application form and any other supporting document that is required.
  • Your biometric data (digital fingerprints and « live » photo) will be captured and you will be asked to pay the visa fee (except in case of gratuity) and the service fee that will be charged by VFS Global.

Admissibility of your application

Your application will not be admissible and you will have to make a new appointment to lodge your (completed) application:

  • if you do not lodge a completed, signed application form,
  • a valid travel document of which the expiration date is 3 months AFTER your return from the Schengen State,
  • if you do not pay the visa fees and
  • if you do not agree to give the consulate your biometric data.

Of course you also have to pay attention to the other documents in your application. If you submit an incomplete application this could be considered as a lack of interest on your part which could result in a refusal of your visa.

Documents to submit

See this page.

Consular fees

See this page

Syrian applicants

The Consulate General of Belgium in Beirut is competent for Syria. Syrian applicants may apply for any type of visa in Beirut.


Use of languages

In visa applications documents in Dutch, French, German and English are accepted.